getting started

the online course

The course is easy to access on the online platform, Udemy. 

Simply click on the Udemy icon and it will take you to the appropriate Udemy page.

Alternatively, go to, sign up and sign in, and search for

"Living on purpose - making each day count"

how much does it cost?

Signing up to Udemy and enrolling on the online course are both currently FREE

Click on the Udemy button above to go directly to the course. 

how can I find out more about doing it?

My programme is all about self discovery - using a simple set of activities that you do on your own at your own speed. This is the power of a video based programme, which is available online.

Click on the box to watch the introductory video

reviews of the online programme

Over 900 people have enrolled so far. Click on the link, to go to the Udemy review section, to read what people say about the programme.